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Why Pray?

William Cooper

Doesn’t God Know What is Needed?

Pray because every sincere effort to communicate with Spirit (request or conversation) has spiritual and psychological benefits for the person communicating. 

Many of these benefits result simply from the action of spending time with deity, regardless of what is expressed or requested. 

Prayer is more than asking for favors from our heavenly Father. It is also communicating with Spirit. 

Achieving two-way communication with Spirit is the great possibility from prayer.

Spirit always hears your prayers and always responds generously with spiritual gifts. However, opening the human end of receptivity usually requires your attention and a little effort. 

Prayer is a serious spiritual tool. Bit-by bit it enlarges your spiritual receptivity. That is why we all need to pray.

Why pray? At a minimum, prayer enlarges your friendship with Spirit and that is awesomely important.

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