Adventures In Spiritual Living

Living Life as an Adventure of
Spiritual Exploration and Discovery

The inner world is where you seek wisdom, comfort, and strength to take into your outer world.

Your soul is the embryo of the future continuing vehicle of your personality identity.

Adventures in Spiritual Living is an association of spiritual friends who have discovered spiritual practices that have been of great value in their lives and who want to share them with fellow seekers of the truth about spirit in our lives.

Posts by Category

The purpose of life is the development of nobility of character.

What is that?
How do you
do it?

Ordinary events in daily life can be opportunities to grow spiritually.

Specific ways to improve
connection with Spirit.

God is both mother and father to us. What does God as mother do with us and for us?

Angels are involved in our lives.
What are they doing?

Who is he? Why was he here in human form? What does his behavior show us?

Parenting tips and techniques to instill values in children

What is spiritual experience? What is its importance and purpose?

Brief thoughts with eternal significance and immediate connection.

Service is the great privilege and joy of bestowing love, not just a duty or a price to be paid for salvation.

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