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Visiting with the Spirit Within

William Cooper

Asking for Help

When you are distressed or confused, you can always ask Spirit for help. Spirit is merciful and sensitive to your physical and emotional pains and is ready to help, especially when you are experiencing despair.

In responding to your requests, the Spirit is almost never going to fix things for you but will always help you get through anything and everything that comes your way for whatever reason. Even if your challenges or troubles are well deserved, Spirit is always ready to assist when you really need help.

Visiting With Spirit

Intimate visiting with your Spirit, as distinguished from making requests, has many benefits which are not usually thought of as being spiritual. Conversation with Spirit can be a superior type of thinking which helps you solve your own problems and avoid creating new ones or making things worse. Just carry on a two-sided conversation within yourself as if you are discussing matters with a really trustworthy friend.

Visiting with Spirit also has very valuable personal health and social skills benefits.

Relationship with Spirit can provide 

  • peace of mind, 
  • cheerfulness, 
  • calmness, 
  • courage, 
  • self-control, and 
  • fair-mindedness. 

These are all genuine spiritual gifts with beneficial social and emotional consequences. 

Spiritual gifts make you more 

  • charming, 
  • gentle, 
  • cheerful, and 
  • tolerant. 

These characteristics in turn cause you to be much more socially interesting.

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