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The Most Important Prayer Requests

William Cooper

The single most important prayer is for the will of God to be done regardless of what you think you want.

When making prayer requests it is appropriate always to condition your request with “But dear Spirit, it is my sincere desire that in this, as in all things, your will be done.” This condition is for your reminder, not the Spirit’s. 

Another very appropriate and important request to the Spirit is for knowledge of the path the Spirit has designed for your life. Yes, there is a unique spiritual growth plan designed specifically for you. You are expected to become like God in your own unique way. 

Ultimately the Spirit wants each of us to join wholeheartedly in achieving the Spirit’s goal of uniting the entire cosmic creation in loving cooperation and mutual support. Even if you fully accept that divine purpose, you still need spiritual help in applying that goal to the momentary opportunities of your unique individual life — how you can contribute to God’s unification plan moment by moment.

Your Spirit delights in granting these requests for insights into God’s plan. But don’t expect Spirit to tell you what specific action to take. Instead, expect questions to arise in your mind like, “What do I think is best?” or “How does this support what is most important to God?” 

The purpose of this life is to be a school of experiences to train you to make good decisions in favor of what is true and genuine. Making the decisions for you would defeat the purpose. 

Visit with Spirit about values that encourage growth in nobility of character. Character development is a foundation of spiritual progress. Spirit loves to give you insights into values and the joy, sense of purpose, and fulfillment caused by living accordingly.

Communicating your pure gratitude and thanksgiving to Spirit while asking for nothing is an important prayer. It opens you to feel the affection of Spirit for you. That is a very special experience.

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