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Spirituality Enhancement #3

William Cooper

People are increasingly entertaining the possibility that happiness and fulfillment in life may require a substantial spiritual dimension. The following paragraphs describe seven practices that will develop your personal spirituality. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is effective. Enjoy!

Imagine Spiritual Progress.

You have the gift of imagination. Use it to imagine a good and rewarding path through life.

It is better to be optimistic about life without expecting fantastic or miraculous events. It is good to strive to dream and imagine realistically. Imagining can be like mentally preparing yourself to succeed in future opportunities. It has been proved repeatedly to work in sports and other skilled activities. It will work for spiritual self-improvement as well.

Follow the Golden Rule of Ethical Behavior.

You may have heard it many times, but it really is the most reliable spiritual rule of relationship management. Treat others as you would like to be treated if your roles were reversed. This is applicable to individuals, groups, politics and even nations.

Practice Nonviolent Communication.

Be gentle and respectful with others. Too much self-assertiveness or rude directness damages communication and damages or prevents friendships. Even a small amount of this can be too much.

Don’t Fear Failure.

Take reasonable risks. Failure is an especially good learning opportunity leading eventually to success and maturity of character.

Live Your Values.

Live your life as loyally as you are able to the truth you have discovered. How are things supposed to be? Perfection now is not required nor is it even desirable. The experience of imperfection is an important benefit of this life.

Visit with Your Spirit Within Frequently.

This makes you more receptive to spiritual insight. Include plenty of gratitude for blessings.

Gratitude is good not because God needs or demands it. Instead, it is good because you need to be reminded that God is your partner in every moment of your life and even provides many blessings without being asked to.

Respect Your Feelings.

Your feelings mean something. They are not necessarily answers or even indications of truth, but they should be considered. They certainly affect your attitudes and behavior. You may need to follow them. You may need to counteract them.

If you understand them, they can contribute to your thinking. If you do not, they will have an effect that is haphazard and often not beneficial. Ignore your feelings at your risk.

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