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Spirituality Enhancement #1

William Cooper

Techniques Selection # I of 3

People are increasingly entertaining the possibility that happiness and fulfillment in life may require a substantial spiritual dimension. The following paragraphs describe seven practices that will develop your personal spirituality. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is effective. Enjoy!

Build Your Special Place of Spiritual Refuge.

Build a place of calm refuge in your mind. This is a place of beauty, comfort, calm, and safety for you. It can be anywhere you like, any climate, and any season. You can place your favorite plants, pets, and people there.

Imagine things in detail. Include color, texture, and sound. Feel yourself relaxing and restoring yourself in this place. 

Fill this place with the joy of being loved and of loving others. Giving love to others and receiving love are both very healing, very pleasant, and very magically calming.

You will want to remember what awaits you in your special place. Because this place is in your mind, it is always available to you as a shelter from stress or hurt. Use it as often as you feel it could benefit you. It can work wonders for your spiritual, mood, and physical energies. It brings you back toward balance and that is a good thing.

Go to Your Spiritual Place of Calm and Safety. 

Make frequent use of the spiritual place you have created. Your spiritual place is a place of calm refuge and beauty you have created in your mind. You have created it as a place where you are safe and comforted.

The process of going there is simply to relax, drift like a floating leaf gently into the special place of calm you have mentally prepared. 

Recall and experience the presence of the people, pets, plants, and things you have chosen to be there. Enjoy and return to your activities when you are rested.

Be Thankful. 

Recalling your blessings elevates your mood, relieves mild depression, and helps you define what is important to you and what you should do to foster your own happiness and health. Use it when you feel the need for these benefits. Don’t just recall or count blessings. Be grateful and give thanks for them.

Positive Self Talk Works.

Tell yourself good things. What you tell yourself, good or bad, confident, or doubting will influence your behavior and your friends. As a result, what you tell yourself, and believe, is more likely to manifest in your experience.

Approach Life Expecting Success and with a Cooperative Attitude.

These are your allies in achieving anything. Believing you can achieve something is the starting place of success. What you believe is possible, you may attempt. What you attempt, you might achieve. What you do not try, has no chance of your achieving. 

You come into life prepackaged with talents. A big part of the adventure of living is discovering your talents and learning how to apply them for the achievement of worthy goals. 

Consult with Your Inner Spirit. 

You have within your higher mind a spirit counselor. If you consult this spirit, especially regarding meanings and values and morals and ethics, you will receive high quality insights on attitudes and behaviors that will benefit you with a happier and more productive life.

The process is simple. In calm circumstances, if possible, ask for help in awareness and understanding as specifically as possible (but not for magical fixes). Wait in silent receptivity for a few minutes to see if any relevant ideas present themselves immediately. 

Remain receptive and expectant for relevant impressions and insights as you go about your life. Use these impressions as part of your decision-making process.

The Universe is Stacked in Your Favor.

No, really it is, when you are pursuing what you believe is right. If you will only presume that it is in your favor and act accordingly, many wonderful consequences will follow. You will undoubtedly suffer a lot of failure, which is a great learning experience. You will also grow a lot in character. You will succeed a lot too, especially if you define success broadly and in terms of goodness, gentleness, and caring about the welfare of others. 

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