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Personal Relationship with Your Inner Spirit

William Cooper

Intimate sharing of thoughts and feelings with your indwelling Spirit of God brings you comfort, reassurance, and joy. New understandings and new goals are a common result.

The ideal practice of relationship with this Spirit (and a form that the Spirit particularly enjoys) is totally open and honest spiritual sharing of your inner life. The spirit is entirely able to accept you and love you as you are, regardless of the severity of your faults.

 Your communion with the Spirit is an intimate spiritual sharing of your aspirations, hopes, fears, loves, gratitude, and feelings as you would with a very good friend. Share your anger, prejudice, and hurt as well but, don’t expect such feelings to be validated. Rather expect to be assisted in soothing and calming yourself.

Imagine the Spirit’s presence. Imagine your self-revealing conversation with Spirit. Imagine the Spirit’s responses to your comments and inquiries. 

Expect Spirit to express in all circumstances her love and devotion to you and to suggest how you can express loving and unselfish motivations regarding others. Your conversations with Spirit are this ordinary and simple. 

What you are imagining is true. 

Your Spirit is in fact present and hearing and responding to your concerns in a guiding, nondirective way and urging you to act, to carry through on your highest urges.

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