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life after death
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Life After Death

William Cooper

Life Eternal

It is astonishing but there is not much you need to know or do to survive beyond this life.

God wants you to survive and to grow eternally and eventually to be like God.

This is God’s will and part of his plan. If you too want this, then survival is yours.

Achieving survival is that simple. But beyond survival, growing to be like God is God’s goal for you and it is an eternal adventure of discovering deity values and  the experience of living them. 

It is your choices of attitudes, values, behaviors, and loyalties which cause you to become like God. Growing to be like God continues far beyond survival and there are requirements to be met. The requirements are that you make progress in adopting the loving values of God and in serving the needs of others. 

Progress is often made in small steps but don’t let the delay trouble you. There is no rush. There are no time limits, and you have the assistance of expert tutors who have your spiritual progress always in mind.

God helps from within, but you are in charge of co-creating the surviving spiritual you.

In every moment of your eternal life, personifying goodness is the goal.

You do this by choosing and acting to achieve good objectives. You have all the help that an all-powerful being can possibly provide. Just ask and then cooperate.

There is no minimum achievement required for survival. It is yours if you want to find and know God. But there is constant and eternal need to be an ambassador of goodness so that you will grow to be like God. 

It is your choosing to do good to others that causes you to grow to be like God.

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