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Why We Exist
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Why We Exist

Kaye Cooper

We are participating in God’s adventure of experiencing everything from our point of view. God’s plan is to evolve us from mere energy to Godlike persons and for God to experience everything we experience, step by step, with each of us.

Before time and space God lacked the experience of not knowing. There was

  • no time
  • no distance
  • no mystery
  • no insecurity
  • no step-by-step discovery
  • no achievement
  • no victory over defeat
  • no adventure
  • no growth in perfection.

We provide all that and more to God’s indwelling spirit
which is partnering in our lives. The partnership proceeds according to our choices, thereby assuring that the experience is genuinely a human experience. The mistakes are OK, so long as we apply them to become better persons. They are an essential part of experiencing imperfection. 

Our benefit from this partnership is the fully supported opportunity and encouragement to become like God. How much like God? A lot.

We exist to make progress in experiencing and thereby contributing to the evolution of a new expression of God. One that fully understands by way of shared experience and empathy what challenges are confronted by a time and space pilgrim.

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