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God as Mother
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Why Seek God as Mother?

Kaye Cooper

Yearning for God as Mother  

From various parts of the world, we hear a yearning for a divine mother. Why is that? What are we seeking?

Currently, so many people are uncertain, even fearful. Loneliness seems common. We seek more companionship, security, strength, and hope. Everyone, regardless of the quality of their own parents, has in mind an image of the ideal mother. We want from Spirit so many of the things that the ideal mother so generously gives,

  • Closeness
  • Intimacy
  • Acceptance
  • Gentleness
  • Support
  • Patience
  • Encouragement  

We want undying loyalty. We want someone who believes in us without reserve, someone who never gives up on us. A motherly God is the divine person we want in uncertainty, in the dark and the cold. We want a God who teaches us what we need to make friends and to be a friend—someone who, as we mature, becomes our friend. 

Recognizing God as Mother 

A growing number of people have come to feel that God is a divine motherly person. Perhaps that feeling is an intuition. Perhaps it comes because we have drawn nearer to the divine spirit in us and around us. Perhaps we are simply beginning to realize that God is also a mother.

Discovering God as mother doesn’t change who God is. God is not different. Our perception is different. God is still our spiritual father—our rock, our steadfast and dependable strength in any storm, someone who gives us direction, determination, goals, principles, and aspirations. We are coming to recognize that God is also our affectionate, strong, selfless, yet infinitely wise mother.

What difference does it make to recognize God is motherly?

Experiencing Spiritual Growth 

Our motherly God strengthens us with her encouragement and support. We feel more capable and secure. If we want her help, she guides us as we make our way through the challenges of each day. Slowly but steadily, she enables each of us to be a better person.

God our mother opens our eyes to ways we can be helpful to the people in our lives, friends, family, people passing by, shop keepers, waiters, voice on the phone, anyone, everyone. We find these kinder attitudes bring joy into our inner lives. 

A motherly God feels closer, more personal, more present day by day, even moment by moment. It is like finding home at the end of a long journey. A good mother is the center of a home, the heart of a family. 

We feel welcome in our spiritual home.

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