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Universe Formation
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Universe Formation by Our Mother God

William Cooper

The Creative Mother Spirit of our local universe of 10 million inhabited planets is a daughter of the Infinite Spirit of the Trinity.  She had a beginning hundreds of billions of years ago.  She was created within the Infinite Spirit when the Father and the Son created the Michael Son who would become the creator of our universe, Michael # 611,121.  She carries the same number, since they were destined to be partners from their beginning.  

When our Michael declared his intent to go forth from Paradise to establish a new universe (over 300 billion years ago), her status and nature changed from being a part of the Infinite Spirit to being an individual very much like the Infinite Spirit.  Following this transition she became a student, learning the arts of creating and controlling energy, matter, mind, life, and spirit.  

While she was occupied in training, probably for billions of years, our Michael was touring the perfect worlds of Heaven selecting the patterns for planets and life he wanted to use in their universe.  While he chose the patterns, she would draw on her creative power to cause physical and spiritual and mental energies to define and fill our universe.  Her powers would cause all matter, mind, spirit, and life in our universe to exist and to be responsive to her laws of energy, mind, and spirit. All according to Paradise rules and patterns.

About 300 billion years ago Michael and Mother and their entourage of Paradise beings set off from Paradise on their journey to the part of the seventh super universe that Michael had chosen and where preliminary energy adjustments had been made in preparation for the foundation of their new universe which would eventually contain 10 million inhabited planets, plus millions of stars, and almost innumerable other space bodies of his pattern and her creation.

In the beginning, there was nothing here in our universe but energy.  It must have taken hundreds of millions of years to establish spiritual and physical and mental existence and the laws by which these would function into the eternal future.  A Mother Spirit first creates the mechanical and physical universe.  Only when that is complete does she switch to life creation.  The very first life created by Mother and Michael was the archangel Gabriel and then various orders of local universe celestials in immense numbers.  

The animal form we humans identify as ourselves is the result of planetary implantation, on Mom’s direction, of life patterns followed by long ages of evolutionary progress. Why use evolution? I don’t know. I have a theory I like, but I do not know.  

We are ascending children of our Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit.  Everything we are physically, spiritually and mentally is on loan to us from our Mother Spirit.

While she was occupied building the universe, what was Michael doing? I speculate that he too was busy with universe building.  There must have been many, many surprises that time and space had in store for these Paradise celestials.  I am sure he was busy supervising, inspecting, testing, consulting, and learning by experience how to administer their slowly developing universe.

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