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Spiritual Family Involvement?

William Cooper

In February 2023, I had a deck construction project underway. I needed some special hardware items to mount some decorative screens. I decided to order by computer. So, I searched and found what I was looking for. I placed my order, but I could not get a screen to make payment. I phoned the seller and with competence and courtesy their representative took my order and told me how to pay. But I was unable to complete the payment. I phoned again. Different representative. Same result. I tried to change my payment method. Same result. This was getting irritatingly funny.

I was ready to quit but I decided to try a fifth time. First, it occurred to me to check the size of the part I was trying to order. I was surprised to find I was trying to order too small a part. It simply would not have worked. It was immediately interesting to me that I had failed four times in attempting to order the wrong part. Coincidence? Maybe. Spiritual family involvement in my thinking? Maybe.

I made one final effort to complete my order, but for the correct sized part. The order went through with no problem. The ordering software promised shipment in three days and delivery in eight days. The next day the parts were delivered.

So, why does any of this matter? Well, it doesn’t if you believe this highly unlikely series of events just happened with no super mortal involvement. And it doesn’t matter much if you allow that spiritual family action was involved but attribute it to their gently making a joke of the situation. But if you look at it as probably involving both humor and help from spiritual family sources, it becomes very meaningful. It means the celestials value contact with us and welcome our knowledge of their helpfulness in our lives. The point is not that you can rely on spirit family to cover your mistakes, although I believe that happens frequently. The point is that if you pay attention and look behind your frustrations, you may find your spiritual family helping you succeed. In any case it gives me great pleasure to believe celestials are interested in helping me achieve things in my life even when I neglect to consult them. What would be the result if I regularly left opportunity for their input in focusing my thinking? It could be a really interesting way to live.

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