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Some Higher Values #4
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Some Higher Values to Cultivate #4

Kaye Cooper

By William and Kaye Cooper


Our goal in this life and after is to make as much progress as possible to achieve nobility of character like that of God. The goal sounds unattainable but in fact we are all capable of achieving that goal considering the vast span of time and the immense assistance we are given. Nobility of character is achieved by progressively understanding, appreciating, and adopting higher values. The following post presents a few higher values for you to consider and try on for size. 

Your understanding of these values will not remain the same over time. They are not static. As you think about them and live with them, they grow. As you experience their consequences and complexities, your understanding of them changes. Consequently, it is rewarding to revisit them periodically.

If you are interested in values and their application in character development, you will probably enjoy some of the other posts in this “Values and Character Development” category.  

A Few Values to Consider

  1. Patience

    My first or quick solution is not always the best one, especially where other people are involved.  Time is often beneficial to finding better ways.  I do not rush myself or others.  I patiently allow time for things to happen.  I am willing to wait for better results.  I allow people time to think things through.  I provide time for my own and others’ insights to occur and wisdom to blossom.  I give time for emotions to ease.  I can persist if needed.  I can leave and try another day.  I can tell the difference between an emergency and impatience.

  2. Resilience

    Resilience recovers, regroups, and continues to pursue worthy goals.  Resilience is the underdog succeeding despite the improbability.  Resilient people do not allow challenges to make them doubt the value of their efforts.  They persevere.  Resilience is about recovering from difficulty, resistance, or defeat to try again.  It does not spend much time on regret or embarrassment but finds another method to use or another goal to pursue.

  3. Respect

    Respect is gracious.  It is about honoring the uniqueness and humanity of each person.  It promotes peace.  Respect is the attitude we want from those around us. Respect makes us feel worthy of the time, effort, and patience of others. It helps us to believe in ourselves.  Respect restores our ability to serve others and achieve worthwhile goals.
  4. Service

    Serving is the way of spirit.  Spirit proclaims service as the very foundation of all relationships, and it is an unparalleled source of joy.  In our inexperience, we sometimes think being served is better than serving another.  While it is often a pleasure to receive, unselfishly serving others transforms the way we feel about ourselves and about those we serve. We come to feel we are privileged to be able to serve.  Our love for those that we serve far exceeds our expectation.  Service is a glue that binds us to one another in love.

  5. Sincerity

    I seek to be an ambassador of truth and a gentle advocate for what I believe is a real pledge to be earnest, wholehearted, truthful, open, and straightforward.  I will not stoop to manipulation or lies to benefit myself or my friends.  I will not serve my own desires at the expense of others.  I will have the strength to speak truth when it is needed, even when the truth is hard for me to say.  I will have the humility to reveal my own errors.  I have no need to hide my motives. I am loved by God despite my immaturity, and I will be helped to grow.

  6. Understanding

    Understanding the motives of others is a big step on the road to loving them.  We need to know how others have become who they are: their dreams, their fears, their failures, their pain, their struggles, their lessons, their growth, and their successes.  When we understand the paths they have taken, we are more likely to see them as the unique, valuable persons that they have become.  To understand is to grow in wisdom and in love.

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