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Some Higher Values to Cultivate #2
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Some Higher Values to Cultivate #2

Kaye Cooper

By Bill and Kaye Cooper


Our goal in this life and after is to make as much progress as we can to achieve nobility of character like that of God. The goal sounds unattainable but in fact we are all capable of achieving that goal considering the vast span of time and the immense assistance we are given. Nobility of character is achieved by progressively understanding, appreciating, and adopting higher values. The following post presents a few higher values for you to consider and try on for size. 

Your understanding of these values will not remain the same over time. They are not static. As you think about them and live with them, they grow. As you experience their consequences and complexities, your understanding of them changes. Consequently, it is rewarding to revisit them periodically.

If you are interested in values and their application in character development, you will probably enjoy some of the other posts in this “Values and Character Development” category.  

A Few Values to Consider

  1. Dependability

    Dependability is a gift of love.  It is about doing what you have promised, being present where you are needed, bringing help when it is crucial.  Being dependable is often inconvenient and sometimes harder than I would have imagined.  Being dependable is not an exciting exhibition by the hero whom everyone is watching.  It is a little boring…unless you are the person who needs the promise kept.  To that person it is a precious gift of respect and support.

  2. Encouragement

    Encouragement gives reassurance that an objective is worth the effort it takes to achieve it.  You can encourage others in their efforts to expand their values, express their creativity, and reach their wise goals.  You will find joy in encouraging the progress of others. You will be making a positive difference in other lives.

    Each person has times when they don’t have the motivation to go on, when discouragement is more powerful than their determination. Be alert to recognize when someone near you needs encouragement and be the encourager.  How much brighter the world would be, how much more we would achieve, if everyone would be an encourager.

  3. Fairness

    We seem to come into the world with a sense of what is fair.  “What I have is mine” is fair. Having what is mine taken from me is unfair.  Favoring someone is unfair.  Restricting freedom is unfair.  Honoring effort and achievement is fair.

    I do not seek unfair advantage over others.  I am fair to others, even when it costs me something, because being fair is essential to my peace and contentment.  Competing against someone else is an opportunity to put all my effort into achieving my best performance.  If my best is not as good as another, then that person wins fairly.  I will continue to do my best, and another day I may win. The point is to do my best and improve my skill.  Winning by being unfair says I am selfish and dishonest as well as unfair.

  4. Forgiveness

    Forgiving is essential for the one who holds resentment, insult, or a grudge.  Forgiveness does not mean that you approve of the offender’s action, it means you let go of these poisonous emotions deep inside of you.  They harm you rather than punish the other.  Forgiving lightens your burden and brings freedom.  And if you choose to extend an opportunity for reconciliation, an improved relationship may grow.

  5. Generosity

    Generosity is a warm and gracious quality.  Generous people give freely of their time and talent, their wisdom, and their friendship. Generosity does not make the recipient feel small and poor. It never creates a debt, yet freely encourages others to be generous. One can be generous with their wealth, whether they have much or little.  One can be generous in appreciation, in encouragement, and in praise.  Perhaps best of all is to be generous in sharing the presence of one friend with another.

  6. Gratitude

    Gratitude brings into life more to be grateful for, including such things as cheerfulness, optimism, peace, and feeling blessed. Gratitude expands the heart’s capacity to love life, sharpens your perception of blessings, focuses attention on the positive in life.  Gratitude has an amazing ability to spread from heart to heart even in the absence of words.  Gratitude strengthens your connection with the generosity of the universe. When freely bestowed, gratitude blooms into love and mellows into security.  May we all give the gift of gratitude.

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