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Seeing Our Mother God
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Seeing Our Mother God

Ted Lanier

Calling God a Father comes about because we are of limited enlightenment and that when our enlightenment is expanded, we will understand God as Mother as well as Father. 

I cringed inwardly when people would talk about some attributes of God as masculine and therefore pertaining to the Father type God and other attributes as feminine and therefore pertaining to God as Mother. Deity participates in all positive values and virtues. The First Great Source and Center is the source for all things and beings.

My Spiritual Journey

In the earlier part of my spiritual journey, I had difficulty conceiving of God as personal as I was praying and worshipping. I valued the personality concept, but it was hard to know experientially. Fortunately, my work on retreats with Adventures in Spiritual Living and reading Kaye and Bill Cooper’s book, Friendship with God, began to make God real as a person. 

Then as my wife, Sharon, went deeper and deeper into exploring the Mother Spirit, the possibility of God’s personhood increased. I got a glimmer and then a bright, shining light of our Mother as a personal being who actually loved and valued me. Seeing God as mother and father made me feel like I was in a family. I just wanted to go home!

One day I had an experience of God the Mother.  She had an image, a visage, that was a composite of human women. I wanted to be in her lap, lay my head on her breast and be comforted. The image shifted and I was filled with supercharged energy to go forth and remake the world for her. I want to help people see women as role models to emulate. A man has to spend real energy to attenuate his powers of observation in order to maintain the fiction that women are inferior. Men and women will have to use energy to eradicate this false viewpoint of women.

I want to encourage men to try to see God the Mother in the women they meet. If we pattern our marriages after the concept of a spiritual Mother and Father with all of us as their children, things will change.

We Are in God’s Family

Picture a mom and dad in the park with their children who are obviously feeling safe and free. They run off and explore. They come back, touch base, and reconnect. Even as they grow older and leave home, this living connection of safety, protection, and encouragement is always there.

Just as we are IN our earth family, so we are IN our spiritual family. We touch base and reconnect to them as often as we pray, worship, and wait in silent receptivity. Because we are in this family, we can always feel safe, protected, and encouraged as we explore the abundant experiences of life.

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