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Tommie Clendening

I hope it did not hurt you when you fell,

From the pedestal I so thoughtlessly placed you on. 

It was very heartless of me to have done this to you 

and for this I’m truly sorry. 

No mere mortal could ever live up to the lofty ideals 

I elevated you on. 

Why do we place our loved ones on unreal heights in the clouds? 

Then, as we grow, the realization is bound to dawn 

that, after all, 

Those whom we’ve elevated are merely 

fallible mortals, too. 

My main hope is that your fall didn’t hurt you, 

As I recoiled with a sudden, resounding slap, 

As the crystal, self-built pedestal collapsed. 

In my eyes, you with it, until I realized:

You were the same, 

it was I who had changed. 

Therefore, I hope you realize, I love you still 

and more materially now. 

As I see you clearer, you’re near, where you 

always should have been.

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