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Our Father Sits …

Kaye Cooper

Our Father sits in His place
at the center of all creation.
His reach stretches outward
beyond the farthest reach
of any mind,
of any imagination.

He holds in Himself
all of what is known,
and all of what might be,
and all of what might be thought
or dreamt
or one day reached.

Our Father sits.
He sees, hears and knows.
He knows each and every being
in His creation.
And He knows the route
of each electron.
He feels the movement
of every star.

He lives through every life
in this universe,
takes joy at every sunrise
and weeps with every pain.

Our Father shares all of this.
He feels with us
and learns the life
that we lead
because we share with Him.

In all of time and space
there is not one experience
which He does not share,
not one which He
cannot find a way to use.

In all the patterns
He has set for us,
all the children He has sent,
and all that we
have shared with Him,
the thread runs through:
The Father’s love
is being expressed,
His beauty learned anew.

He shares in our adventure
and listens while we learn.
And smiles with a warm
and loving smile
as we learn the lessons
He has planned.

He lifts us up
not even step by step
but smaller yet:
atom by atom replacing us
with a new divinity,
a new being
as shining as He.

Age upon age we live
through this journey
becoming that
which He knows we can.

And He waits very patiently
at the center of the Universe
to greet us
when at last we find Him,
to welcome the being
that we have become.

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