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Kindness in Action
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Love in Action

Kaye Cooper

Love can be defined as the desire to do good to others. Each of us has an instinctive positive response to this kind of unselfish caring. The experience of being loved this way evokes the same kind of love as a response. We love because we have experienced unselfish love. When we serve another person in an unselfish and truly helpful way, we will be spreading the infection of love.

So many people do not yet realize that they have a capacity and a need to express unselfish love. This desire to do good to others, when it becomes our shared experience, will transform our world. So, I guess we can say that spreading unselfish love will transform the world! 

Service is spiritual love in action.

Serving others is a consequence of our own spiritual growth. When we have a relationship with the divine spirit and grow spiritually, the urge to help others in a meaningful way rises up in us. All we need do is act—respond to that inner urge to help someone else. 

Serving does not need to be a burden or a duty. It can be a pleasure and a blessing for both the server and the served.

What can we do to serve others?  

 It is impossible to define certain acts as being service because the motive of an act is the real determiner of whether it is true service. Any unselfish act done for the good of another person is service.

Sometimes service is self-giving. At other times it is self-restraint. But it is always highest and best when self-interest is set aside. Service can be anything from a smile to giving up your life, from sharing your sandwich to sharing your life motivation, from a minute of prayer to a life wholeheartedly dedicated to others.

It is satisfying that unselfish service helps those we serve. But we can also anticipate that…

Serving unselfishly is a joy and a reward in itself.

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