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Life is just a school
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Life is Just a School

William Cooper

This life is the beginning of the cosmic education our deity parents have arranged for us. Their objective is to train us to become like them. We are students in a vast and eternal school of discovery of truth by experience.

We can learn what is needed either by good experience or by bad. The truth to be learned by experience is what works to produce good for everyone.

In this school, everything is provided to promote our success and we each have many tutors who are brilliant in fostering our insights into goodness. Failure is almost impossible but our life is a school and effort is required.

Your loving, indwelling Spirit of God is your teacher.

When you do not follow the Spirit’s suggestions,

All sorts of bad things can happen.

But the Spirit does not cause them.

She simply does not prevent them.

And why not?

Because life is the ultimate school

And experience is the teaching method.

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