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Intimate Communication with Spirit Has Both Spiritual and Material Benefits

William Cooper

Conversation with the Spirit gives you the Spirit’s loving viewpoint enabling you to understand, respect, value, and love others. This is spiritual progress, and it also benefits your ability to make and keep friends. These are wholly unexpected and unrequested benefits of prayer. Prayer and conversation with Spirit benefit you and everyone around you. So, pray and talk with Spirit often, very often.

Conversation with the Spirit elevates your thoughts to a higher and more spiritual level. What is higher and more spiritual is defined by whatever causes a person to behave more like God. A few Godlike character virtues are gentleness, forgiveness, generosity, grace, and nobility of character. 

Some Material Benefits of Prayer

Spiritual communication relieves loneliness. The loving presence of Spirt is the presence of another person, a friend, and that presence is always available.

Conversation with Spirit automatically reinforces our optimism, steadfastness, and dependability, even without asking. 

Communicating with Spirit, in conjunction with faith, cures many emotional and psychological illnesses and often makes medical remedies more effective. 

Loving conversation with Spirit stimulates growth in the belief and experience of an enduring spiritual reality to which we actually belong. We mortals are the youngest members of a vast spiritual family.

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