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prayer will help you build a personal relationship with God
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Discovering Your Indwelling Spirit by Prayer

William Cooper

The type of prayer I am encouraging you to engage in is new in purpose and in method. The purpose of this enlivened type of prayer is to build a friendship with your Inner Spirit and the technique for achieving this is friendly conversation with your Spirit Within.

Everyone’s mind is indwelt by a loving and beneficial spirit. 

This spirit is your personal link to the Creator of everything.

Your Inner Spirit is always and immediately present and has committed to remaining subject to your will and undetected unless invited into your conscious life.

When your invitation is frequent, the spiritual presence slowly emerges. 

Imaginary visiting with this Spirit is a potent method to foster that emergence.

Relationship with Spirit gradually motivates us to express more and more goodness in the form of loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace.

These are only some of the gifts of our connection with the Spirit Within. They are Godlike and you can grow to be like God by adopting and using them.

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