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Becoming more spiritual
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Becoming More Spiritual

William Cooper

So maybe moving a little toward being more spiritual would be interesting so long as it doesn’t require you to be a saint or a devout follower of some religious doctrine. That’s no problem and you probably are already well started on your spiritual journey.

Relationships with people, animals, plants, or just things are very spiritual. They involve respect, empathy, and compassion. All of these are aspects of love and anything that involves expression of love is spiritual.

Your concern for the welfare and success of others is spiritual. Encourage it and act on it and you are being spiritual and growing in spirituality.

Wanting a community of people who care about you and you about them is spiritual. Encouraging such a group of friends is spiritual.

Helping others to share their unique lives with others and to be the best they can be while not telling them what to do and be is spiritual.

If you enjoy being loved by others and loving others, you are being spiritual.

If you resist and avoid judging, punishing or isolating others or teasing or bullying, you are being spiritual.

When you let fairness and respect for excellence restrain your lust to win, you are being spiritual.

When you feel resentment or prejudice and restrain yourself or others from acting on them, you are being spiritual.

All these behaviors are spiritual without being saintly or holy. There is much more available in spirituality if you want it, even person to person relationship with God herself.

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