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Airport Angel
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Airport “Angel” Story

William Cooper

Angels are talented at coordinating their own ministry with that of numerous other personal and nonpersonal celestial ministries. While the following series of extraordinary events may not technically be an application solely of the powers of angels, the term “angels” is applied to this occurrence which may be the work of an assemblage of several orders of celestial persons and nonpersons.

This story describes a series of “angel” coordination events which unscrolled in late evening, April 22, 2024. My wife, Kaye, was flying home from a Women’s spiritual retreat in California. I was scheduled to meet her plane at Love Field in Dallas at 11 pm.

I left home in Arlington at 10 pm and immediately realized that darkness made the familiar route seem strange to this 81 year old man. As I was approaching the freeway entrance, I pulled into the right turn lane behind another car. The car made a right turn into a parking lot and suddenly I was confronted with a curb across my path and no way to avoid it or stop soon enough. I went up and over it at 25 miles per hour. This caused a sudden shock and realization that this was not a good start to my journey and might be an indication of less than ordinary capacity to drive under the circumstances. Having no alternate plan, I decided to continue but to be exceptionally careful, especially regarding turns. So, I proceeded while paying close attention.

About halfway on my journey, I was on a long exit from a freeway. A thought came to me “Now be careful.” With that I realized the street I was about to turn on was a driveway. That was another save due to an intuitive warning.

I got to the airport and couldn’t find a place to stop and wait until Kaye phoned me as planned to say she was waiting at the curb. I expected Kaye to be at the curb at baggage claim at 11:00. It was 10:45 so I joined the heavy traffic waiting for other passengers. It was extremely slow. As I approached the meeting place it occurred to me that I should phone Kaye to see if she was delayed. Then I thought “No, she will call when she is available.” Then I thought “No you should call now.” So I did.

There was no answer. I disconnected. Very quickly, I got a call back and answered “Kaye, welcome home.” An unfamiliar woman’s voice answered and I asked, “Where is Kaye?” as I stifled my concern. She said Kaye was not there. She very quickly said she had found the phone in a restroom and was about to take it to a lost and found in the terminal. She had answered the phone in hopes the call would be from the phone’s owner looking for the phone. She offered to deliver the phone to me immediately. We designated a meeting place.

Fine, but I was in traffic with no place to park and couldn’t just stop and wait for her. Then I got to the end of the traffic and spotted a space in a handicapped passenger loading area which was very convenient to where we had agreed to meet. I quickly parked and determined that the woman was not already waiting for me. I ducked inside and immediately spotted Kaye waiting to receive her checked luggage. 

I told her to relax, her mislaid phone had been found and was about to be returned. She was unaware that it was lost and consequently wasn’t worried about it.

While Kaye and an airline assistant waited for her bag, I went to the meeting point, waited about 3 minutes and a young woman approached and asked if I was waiting for Kaye’s phone. As she handed it to me, I asked her to accept a cash reward, but she declined and left. Kaye keeps her phone in a special small purse. I opened it. The phone, her travel cash, driver’s license, credit card, and medical insurance cards were all present. Loss of any of these could have involved a lot of worry and expenditure of time in the next few weeks that was already over committed to an important spiritual family project.

In another 2 minutes, Kaye and the airline employee assisting her arrived with her bag. I told them the story of the phone’s return. The airline employee was astonished at the finder’s honesty and our good fortune. I commented to him that it was enough to give us all hope that we would be able to pull through civilization’s present crisis. He expressed some doubt.

When I reviewed this highly unusual and suspicious series of coincidences and the trouble and worry they saved us from, I concluded that this little play was precisely the type thing celestial friends would coordinate for our benefit and our enlightenment.

  1. At the start, I needed a warning to be careful, especially because of darkness and my age. Hitting the curb supplied that powerfully and without harm.
  2. The almost wrong turn at halfway reinforced the “be careful” warning and suggested to me that I might be receiving some rather special help that I should continue to be open to.
  3. The slower than usual movement of the traffic at the airport put me at the perfect point to make the call to Kaye precisely when the phone’s finder was ready to answer. Even by itself, this was an extraordinary coincidence.
  4. Slow traffic then put me at the one point where I could find a place to park. Without that I would have missed my meeting with the phone finder.
  5. There was just the right amount of time after parking to find Kaye and relieve her of the panic she was about to experience when she realized her phone, credit card and cash were missing. Then there was just the right amount of time to return to find the phone finder.
  6. The phone finder did all that she did as a friendly act and refused any reward. She and all of us who witnessed her service felt blessed by the goodness of it.
  7. It is easy to imagine this series of events going irritatingly wrong or even tragic at some point and hard to imagine it working out so well without careful management by someone. Even better in this little play of mortal / “angel” cooperation, if the mortal actor had missed his cues, the consequences might have been disruptive of spiritual family plans for Kaye’s project and disastrous for me if I had wrecked the car.  But the nature of the apparent intervention could not contribute to worsening the non intervention consequences. The quality spiritual experience we mortal participants had leaves us grateful that the “angels” took the time to plan and execute the play even though they had to know the we mortals were likely to miss their cues to act. I like to think the “angels” enjoyed it too. This probably was all planned by them within a few minutes of my running over the curb and the angels realizing “We’ve got his attention. Let’s use it to let him know celestials are looking after him even without his asking.” 

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