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Third Letter from Eric  

William Cooper

Note: An Introduction to Eric is provided in the First Letter from Eric which you can click on here.

Dear Ones:

God is not “like your father”—he is your Father, and he recognizes and joyfully accepts the responsibility of personally rearing you to spiritual maturity.  And then he will continue to be your Father-friend, encourager, adviser, sustainer and more.

Even right now your Father has plans to share his kingdom and his power with you and these are not plans only for the far distant future.  They are plans for now and more for next year and much, much more as eternity unfolds.

You are God’s child.  He loves you, he forgives you and he longs to share all that he has and knows with you.  You are his child and you can be like him and you can exercise his power for the benefit only of others—just as he does.

Do you want his love?  Do you want his personal attention and teaching?  If you do and if you believe and if you live like your Father is real and important to you and his way is important, then you have accepted God as your Father.  All that remains is for you to talk to him, share everything and imagine his replies for he will speak to you in your imagination.

And if you are God’s child and I am God’s child, then we are brothers and sisters and have family ties one to the other.  While we may be unlike in many ways, we bear the cosmic nobility of our Father which longs to be expressed.  I pledge to help you express our Father according to your understanding of him, and I pray your support as I seek to express him in my way.

Welcome to our family and all honor to our noble Father.


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