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Fourth Letter from Eric  

William Cooper

Note: An Introduction to Eric is provided in the First Letter from Eric which you can click on here.

Greetings My Beloved,

Our Father, who seems so remote, is in fact immediately accessible to us.  It is a fact, not a metaphor, that he resides in your heart / soul and relates to you as one person to one person.  When you listen to him and begin to follow his leading, you become his eternal spirit child.  This business of being a child of God has a destiny attached to it.  You are destined to grow to be like our Father.  And what is he like?  I have only begun to discover him but astonishing love always flows from his will and his way.  As we grow to be more like him, astonishing love will also flow from our every action.  I say action because our Father expects us to actually do what we believe is right.  Thinking about living a life of loving service, wanting to do it someday and believing in doing it is awesome but it is not enough.  We are not just to believe in righteousness.  We are to do it.  We all believe we are too weak and the world is too strong and hostile for us to change.  But the spirit of God is within us.  The kingdom of heaven is within us.  The power to change ourselves is within us and then the world will change as we go forth being and doing what the spirit within leads us to be and do.

The spirit of God residing in your soul wants intentional relationship with you and will lead and teach you how to grow to be like God.  This eternal life and this almost boundless universe provide an experiential school for your benefit.  The only grades are pass and fail and you can fail only by refusing to try.  All effort to be like our Father is honored and rewarded.

Consult the spirit within you right now for verification of these truths I am about to state for you.  He will verify with a feeling of calm assurance.

  • You are a spiritual child of God.
  • Your destiny is more than you can imagine.
  • The power to live a noble life of character, purpose and loving service is even now within you.
  • Your life as a spirit being has already begun.
  • Once the spirit life begins, it will never end unless you intentionally refuse it.
  • Survival is not in question.  You are safe, secure and free.
  • The spirit within is worthy of your absolute trust.  He will lead you neither too fast nor too slow.  Therefore, don’t be either impatient or timid in your pace.
  • Live courageously.  Your animal life will end but your spiritual life is eternal.

There are many, many, many other truths the spirit within will share with you as soon as you are ready to understand them and to remain balanced in your spirit control of mind and mood.  

Love always


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