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Falling in Love
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Falling In Love with Nobility of Character

William Cooper

You should encourage yourself to come to that place of appreciation of the characteristics of God where you fall in love with those higher and more idealistic forms of conduct.  From this point your spirit within will assume responsibility for your transformation. 

Beauty will be triumphant over ugliness, truth over unreality, and eventually, proactive love over hate, fear, or disinterest.  

There is a mighty spiritual power in the expulsive energy of a new and sincere spiritual affection.  Encourage your appreciation of the good, true, and beautiful and then permit these virtues to relieve you of the temptation toward self-centeredness.

Try this experiment:

Choose a higher and more idealistic form of conduct that you desire for yourself.  Spend time in deep thinking, prayer (requesting), and worship (feeling gratitude), seeking to experience and to fall in love with this higher virtue.

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